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An eternal classic. Not only is it super large in capacity and can be carried on the shoulder, but it also comes with a small bag inside. It is paired with a timeless and classic presbyopia, which exudes charm, is both attractive and practical.

About its size: 42CM and 32CM
Different sizes can be chosen according to height and needs.

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This Dior BOOK TOTE handbag design reflects Dior’s exquisite craftsmanship and casual elegance, and is now available in a variety of patterns and colors.

We can provide personal customized lettering services so that you can enjoy more luxurious and high-end services.
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GUCCI’s Horsebit chain bag is a must-have for fashion. This handbag has been reinterpreted in the 2023 autumn and winter series, using a variety of colors and textures to present a contemporary style.

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This bag has a concise appearance and smooth lines, outlining an arc-like appearance like a saddle bag. It is paired with a simple FF logo and the brand’s good leather. “C’mon” uses a basic appearance. Get ready to stand on the IT Bag’s seat

Multiple colors available:https://alicopy.x.yupoo.com/albums/141091630?uid=1

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